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Are You Ready for Change?

Who We Are

Bryans Treatment Center is an alcohol and drug treatment center that also offers behavior mental health services. We only serve women, with a focus on those who are recently post-partum (up to 6 months) or currently pregnant. We are an inpatient facility, which includes detox. Our philosophy is empathy and empowerment.  We are referral-only, which can come from multiple services and agencies.

Our Services


For those in need of detoxification or whom our medical staff determines to be in danger of withdrawal, we have 24/7 detox. This includes meals made especially for those who are going through withdrawals, 24/7 monitoring by nursing staff, and other amenities to help the detox process pass easily.

Behavior Mental Health

Drug and alcohol addiction often comes with its own share of mental health issues. Our facility employs staff who are licensed in mental health care. We utilize cognitive behavior therapy, psychoeducational resources and non-verbal therapy in order to ensure  the mental wellbeing of our clients. In doing so, we also provide our clients with coping mechanisms that they can use to assist them on their road to recovery. 

Case Management

Case management includes assessment, transition plans back into the community, and working as a liaison between recovering clients and the outside world. They work toward helping our clients achieve and track their progress concerning their goals and objectives. Our case managers work with our clients when it comes to maintaining appointments with medical, dental, and judicial officials. 

Inpatient Care

Once the doctor has determined a patient is past the withdrawal phase, or if a client came in without needing to detox, they will begin their inpatient care. This stage of care includes cognitive behavioral group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, and much more. The client will also learn life skills.

Family Counseling

During addiction, families of addicts are also affected. Ties and relationships can be strained. In order to mend these bonds and to bring awareness to family to increases support, we provide family therapy sessions. 

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a key part of the recovery process. There are licensed therapists who will be on staff and available for clients to utilize. There is a mandatory individual counseling session per client per week in order to ensure mental wellbeing. 


Sometimes, a person needs additional assistance when battling addiction. There is a psychiatrist on-staff who will determine when, and if, this is necessary for each individual client. 

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